Avoiding a Truck’s No-Zone

By on 8-18-2013 in Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

While all automobile accidents have the potential to cause injury, truck accidents are especially dangerous for anyone riding in a passenger vehicle. Large trucks weigh much more than most vehicles on the road, and so can cause devastating injuries when they are involved in a crash. Trucks pose substantial safety concerns for drivers on the road with them.

Unfortunately, some truck accidents are completely unavoidable, especially if one party involved has been drinking or using illegal drugs that lower awareness and driving ability. However, certain types of truck accidents, particularly no-zone accidents, can be prevented if drivers take the proper precautions around trucks.

Trucks have four major blind spots, called “no-zones,” according to the car accident lawyers at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®. These blind spots, located directly in front of and behind the truck, on the driver’s side near the window, and near the back of the truck on the passenger’s side, can cause accidents if the truck driver isn’t paying attention to vehicles in those areas. To prevent no-zone accidents, always remember if you can’t see the driver’s mirrors they probably can’t see you. Be wary if you have to cross through a no-zone, and do it as quickly as possible while still driving safely. Finally, don’t tailgate a truck closely, because the driver may not be able to see you, and the truck will obscure your vision of the road ahead.

It’s important to always beware of no-zones when you approach a truck. Driving in a safe manner around trucks makes the road safer for passenger vehicles and truck drivers alike, and cuts down on tragic accidents.

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