Volkswagen Reeling after Emissions Cheating Comes to Light

By on 1-15-2016 in Cars

With the latest lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice in behalf of the EPA against German manufacturing giant Volkswagen, many consumers have also considering filing for a lawsuit. Last September 2015, Volkswagen admitted in installing illegal software on their 2-engine diesel vehicles that were sold world-wide (600,000 in the United States) which allowed the vehicles to pass the state and federal standards for clean air emissions when tested in a laboratory, failed discharge pollutants that surpass the standards when driven on the road. Volkswagen claimed that their 2-liter diesel-powered vehicles provided good fuel economy and released 25 percent less greenhouse gas compared to their gasoline engine counterparts, thus capturing a significant share of the US diesel market.

However, multiple media started to report on Volkswagens false claims and lead to the manufacturing company’s admittance of fault. According to Volkswagen, they cheated the emissions test but installing software that can detect when the vehicle is being tested and would thus reduce their emissions of harmful Co2 while being tested. The software will deactivate when driven normally on the road, leading an increase in the Co2 emission. It is stated that Volkswagen has engaged in such fraudulent claims for seven years already. Despite the increasing number of class action lawsuits being filed against Volkswagen, the manufacturing company has yet to issue a recall on their affected vehicles and is still in talks with the EPA regarding possible fixes for the issue.

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